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Installation Guide

How to Install our Nigh Night Baby blackout blind

clean glass surface remove dust

Step 1

Clean glass surface remove dust and stains
measure width and height

Step 2

Measure width and height of window trim blackout adhesive to size. Allow 1 to 2cm extra on each side of the sheet when cutting.
use spray bottle with water

Step 3

Use a spray bottle with water and a few drops of dishwash liquid and spray on glass surface
peel off and release film

Step 4

Peel off and release film a little at a time. Attach the sheet from centre towards edges and from top to bottom making sure air does not get in between the glass surface and sheet.
squeeze out air

Step 5

Squeeze out air by using a squeegee or soft cloth
trim around the edges

Step 6

Trim around the edges

Helpful tips

Sheet does not adhere to surface securely when stretched. Make sure not to stretch sheet during installation

If you are having difficulty aligning with the window use some tape to hold the film

Do not install sheet to places in direct contact with water

Install sheet on inside of glass surface. Not to be installed on exterior surface

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