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Help your baby sleep
with blackout blinds

A dark room means less stimulation around your baby which can help to calm and settle them as they learn it’s time for rest. Help your baby fall asleep faster and sleep for longer by creating a dark and inviting sleeping environment with our adhesive blackout blinds.

100%DIY matte black window sheeting that’s reusable

Our blackout window sheets use natural static to attach to any type indoor glass window.
Enjoy easy installation with no mess, no fuss or stickiness

Why our customers love our product

Non-adhesive, no suction caps, no mess

97% UV protection

Fix to indoor glass windows

2m length per roll

1m width x 2m high

Reduces room temperature

icon_glue free

Odourless material

Matte black finish

Easy, stain-free removal

Our Story

We became first time parents in 2021 to a spring-time baby boy. Along with navigating new parent life came the 4am Queensland sunrises. After trying almost every blackout product and being disappointed by the quality, installation process and odour. With my husband’s background in packaging and materials, we started researching and testing different options until we discovered the perfect 100% blackout product, and Nigh Night Baby was born!

nigh night family

Blackout Blinds For Everyone

Blackout blinds are helpful to anyone who requires a dark room for sleeping such as shift workers, students, travellers or new parents. With no residue or mess less behind, our removable film is perfect for renters or taking with you on holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

The blackout blinds are suitable for all types of smooth flat glass, indoor window surfaces. Not suitable for patterned, tinted or textured glass, must be smooth to ensure the blackout blind sticks using the static technology.
Yes, it reduces heat in the bedroom and will deflect 97% of UV light
No. Our DIY 100% blackout blinds stick to the glass using static. No mess, no fuss or stickiness
Our blackout window sheets use natural static to attach to any type of smooth, indoor glass window. This provides a darker, cooler and more comfortable setting.

What Our Customers Say